XFdtd 7.10 新功能


REMCOM 2021年十二月2推出了新版的XFdtd 7.10 这个重大更新,添加了电路编辑器等重要功能,并对之前版本进行除错,提升软件质量与效能。

新版本支持Linux RHEL7.5同时移除了Windows 7 Windows 8 的支持,请用户注意!

Schematic Editor


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新版的XFdtd 7.10增加了新的电路设计仿真工具自带频域仿真分析功能,用户可以在设计完成后同时进行匹配电路或馈电回路电路的特性分析,然后进一步和FDTD仿真结果结合匹配,透过后处理进一步了解这些电路对稳态仿真结果的影响。

l                      Schematic Editor : XFdtd 7.9.10 新增的电路编辑器,可设计匹配/馈电电路并分析其特性。

l                      支持在电路中添加常见的器件并导入Snp文档或整合现存的XFdtd仿真输出在电路里

l                      支持切换不同的电路器件运作模式或切换FDTD仿真结果代表的运作模式。

l                      支持透过后处理的方式将电路与仿真结果结合,进一步的观察电路对系统的影响。


Plot Far Zone Statistics


7.9.10版的XFdtd支持Plot Far Zone Statis·tics 这个macro,用户可以透过代理索取,这个macro可以用来绘图并列显示多个不同频点的输出数据,便于用户分析比较仿真输出。



Supported CAD Files

XF 7.10.0 更新了多个第三方的数据库,扩充了对CAD文档的支持:

·       ACIS (.sat/.sab): 2021 R31.

·       ProE/Creo (.prt/.asm): version 8.

·       CATIA v5/v6 (.CATProduct/.CATPart): version 6 R2021.

·       Inventor (.ipt/.iam): V2022.

IEC/IEEE Standards

XFdtd 7.10.0 通过测试验证,可以兼容以下的IEEE以及IEC国际标准。.

·       IEC/IEEE 62704-1 specific absorption rate (SAR).

·       IEC/IEEE 63195-2 incident power density.

Additional Capabilities



·       Added ability to save CEO tuner states and goals.

·       Application preferences store default line thickness and data indicator size for newly created plots.

·       Smith chart markers can display frequency only.

·       Improved performance when selecting many parts.

·       Improved performance when opening right-click menu when many parts are selected.

·       Improved performance when selecting shortcut targets.

·       Included part count in a tool tip for assemblies.

·       CEO Efficiency goal displays a tool tip explaining why no bands are available.

·       Added ability to monitor when non-linear project elements are simulated and warns when used in a Fourier transform.

·       Import and Export script dialogs save window sizes.

·       Batch file provided to run FDTD solver from command line on Windows platform.

·       CAD import detects assembly information in part name and provides an option to regenerate hierarchy.

·       STEP files import a better representation of shell-based surfaces that imports as a single part.

·       Spice netlist reader allows some non-standard files without a header or end lines.

·       Removed inaccurate xfsolver instability message when nonlinear netlist components fail to converge to a solution.

·       Fixed bug causing part's material shortcut to not update properly.

·       Fixed a bug causing the staircase mesh's cpu-side memory usage in XStream runs to be underestimated in the simulation memory estimate.

·       Fixed a bug causing XACT cpu-side memory usage to be underestimated in the simulation memory estimate.

·       Fixed crash when importing some STEP files on Linux.

·       Fixed phase shift of discrete frequency results.

·       Fixed tool tip visibility on Linux platforms to ensure visible text regardless of theme.

·       Fixed crash in both volume and SAR sensors when playing field animation and editing scale bar.

·       Fixed crash when meshing near-field sensor.

·       Fixed crash when defining CEO goal without a response matrix.

·       Fixed bug in coordinate system when orienting directions.

·       Delete key can delete selected edges.

·       Changed the Crashpad_handler.exe executable name to RemcomQAService.exe

·       Fixed keyboard focus when first entering sketcher.

·       [Scripting API] Fixed Gaussian and Gaussian derivative scripting documentation to give a correct waveform center time.

·       [Scripting API] Added interface for accessing suppressed attribute of the grid.


Product Description